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Full Version: Totally not a coincidence with the release of a certain other game...
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... of the same name: Arc/Cryptic announce a 1-Day T6 Andromeda Sale (and their KDF + Rom counterparts):

I probably should have posted this in Quarks  Tongue
I'll allow it in STO Discussions since it is an STO post! Tongue

This is great I think - it definitely shows Cryptic's commitment to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre and celebrating it's successes. It isn't unlike the first Winter Event where they celebrated the release of another game Bioware are involved with - SWTOR! Our plasma lirpa's and bat'leths are great toys  Big Grin
1500 Zen for a decent T6 isn't too shabby, and buying all 3 for a total of 4500 is still cheaper than the usual 6000 for the bundle. 

But everybody must be aware that this is not the upgraded T6 versions you usually get. 
There is still a Fleet version of this. and it doesn't seem that having this version qualifies for a cheaper cost of the Fleet version.

Neither the console nor the ship trait are worth having, either.
The console gives +5 max power levels, which might sound nice, but with the upcoming new changes 
the Leech won't be there to push power to the limits, and the damage bonus of high Weapon power 
will be nerfed, too. 
Overall, I fell like if somebody wants a T6 Galaxy, D'deridex or Negh'Var you should probably ignore buying any
of the C-Store variants (even with this sale), and get the Fleet version. Unless the wiki is wrong and these discounted ships do warrant the cheap Fleet version.
I guess it really depends on how you feel - I would probably have just picked it up to have another Admiralty ship, but you are right, if I was going to use the ship personally, I probably would have just saved up the fleet modules and got the fleet version that way.
(03-22-2017, 01:44 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]I have never played Mass Effect, but they seem to get alot of buzz-

Have you ever played Knights of the Old Republic?
There are some similarities to it, at least to ME1: Player has a ship, and a growing crew of NSCs, and player can take
2 of those with him/her on planet missions. 

I played a lot of RPGs, Fantasy and SciFi, and Mass Effect stands out as one of the best.
Any RPG/SciFi Fan owes it to her/himself to play this. 
Mass Effect 1 is showing it's age, but still worth it.
There were some controversies about the ending the series in Mass Effect 3, leaving many confused or unhappy.
It is very philosophical, and I believe many just played the game without really thinking about the story, or understanding the
background that unfolded over the course of 3 games, and how it build up to the final.

One easy and cheap way to get to play these are to sign up for Origins Access. 
It costs $5 per month, and you can cancel at any time, but it gives you access to a vast "vault" of games, 
which includes all Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles.
The most shocking and amusing thing is that STO is less buggy and has better graphics than ME:Andromeda XD
It's funny I'm a huge Mass Effect fan and noticed the little Andromeda reference. It's a smart move by Cryptic to hint that they support other games even if its in a roundabout way.