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Full Version: Upcoming Space Balance - Details
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Quote:Here is a summary of the changes to cannons made directly as a result of their firing cycle changes as they currently are on Tribble:
  • Most cannons fire for 3 seconds and recharge for 2 seconds. Heavy Cannons fire for 2 seconds and recharge for 3 seconds.
  • Normally and under scatter volley, most cannons fire 6 shots; heavy cannons fire 4 shots.
  • Under Rapid Fire, most cannons fire 9 shots, heavy cannons fire 6 shots.
  • Under Surgical Strikes, most cannons fire 3 shots, heavy cannons fire 2 shots.
  • Heavy cannons now have 150% of the base damage per hit of their equivalent non-heavy cannon
Apparently both Iconian Set and Energy Refrequencer has received major nerfs: 


  1. The Iconian Rep set has changed from 15 total stacks to 3 total stacks, and the damage buff decreased from +15% to +10%. There's a chance that Iconian will still end up being the meta, but a change of this magnitiude certainly leaves the door open now to run some other sets and try and specialize your build a little more into whatever you'd like. This is the kind of variety that should be good for the meta. You can read through some of the set bonuses, etc, here.

  2. Energy Refrequencer heals maybe 5% of what it used to. It was pretty over-powered on holodeck at the high end since it allowed one to forego a lot of boff-power based healing. As is on Tribble, it's now in that tier with other traits that should never be slotted. People more knowledgeable than I can speak to recommendations on what would be a better middle ground for balancing this trait. In the meantime, you will most likely need to plan accordingly without the healing of Energy Refrequencer.
Somebody came up with a ALL PASSIVES CDR build for Post-Space Balance Beam Boats. Interesting read:
In case somebody was considering getting the MACO shield (instead of or combined with the Plasmonic Leech):

The stacks have been nerfed to +1 power per stack, for a total of +5 power.
Combined with the +7.5 power from the Leech you can get a total of +12.5 power per subsystem.
My head hurts... "It's too bright"
so practically everything is getting bonked down... I'll bet what's really happened is some dev thought they were some hot stuff playing on holodeck for the first time in forever and ended up getting their ass handed to them. Picard Facepalm
(03-27-2017, 10:14 PM)Akimalyn2380 Wrote: [ -> ]so practically everything is getting bonked down... I'll bet what's really happened is some dev thought they were some hot stuff playing on holodeck for the first time in forever and ended up getting their ass handed to them. Picard Facepalm

That sounds about right. BTW, thanks Bhaltair for breaking this stuff down and updating it - noobs like me really do get good info from this. NO SMART REMARKS FROM YOU, MAL!
I updated the Thread with more patch note links.
Here are some of the most noticable changes, seems like the outcry of Tac and Science Captains about changes to their most beloved abilities reached the Devs:
  • Go Down Fighting can once again be used while continuity or invincible are available to save you from dying

  • Go Down Fighting now only lasts 15 seconds once activated, but has a much shorter cooldown

  • Subnucleonic Beam is no longer a bridge officer power, and is once again a Science Captain Power.
Another Patch on Tribble (see updated list above).

One line sticks out for me:
Quote:Added a Heavy Weapon slot to qualifying Tier 6, Tier 5, and Tier 5-U Starships.

IIRC only T6 ships were initially set up to receive the new Heavy Weapon slot.
This keeps T5/T5U competitive.


I can confirm this for T5, T5-U Ships and T6 Ships. I reactivated T5, T5-U and T6 Ships on Tribble that should meet the criteria and they all got the Heavy Weapon Slot. Sometimes, you needed to Dry dock the Ship first and reactivate them in order to receive it.

As a reminder, the following criteria must be met to receive the Heavy Weapons Slot:
  1. Ship must be a Raider or a Starship with seven Weapon Slots
  2. Ship must have a Tactical Commander Seat
  3. Ship must not have more than one Hangar Bay

In my test, the following ships received the Heavy Weapons Slot:
  • Jem'Hadar Attack Ship [T5-U]
  • Risian Corvette [T5-U]
  • Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider [T5-U]
  • Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer [T5-U]
  • Tholian Meshweaver Escort [T5-U]
  • Na'kuhl Tadaari Raider [T6]
  • Chimera class Heavy Destroyer [T5]
  • Manticore class Heavy Destroyer [T6]
  • Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit [T5]
  • Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier [T5-U]
Note: Although it has a temporary Commander Tactical Seat and up to 7 Weapon Slots, the Dyson Science Destroyer and its C-Store variants do not qualify for the Heavy Weapon Slot.

As far as I can tell, you can not yet craft Heavy Weapons on Tribble. Maybe it is becoming an extra R&D School in the future?
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