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Full Version: Upcoming Space Balance - Details
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(03-17-2017, 01:09 AM)warrynnpeese0791 Wrote: [ -> ]Ouch! (facepalming over the plasmonic leech!......ok, so they decide this 3 weeks after I finally get one? Devs are trying their best to make a Vulcan cry, huh?)

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Tell that to the console folks who just started forking out money and EC for those...
(03-17-2017, 06:59 AM)Bhaltair Wrote: [ -> ]Tell that to the console folks who just started forking out money and EC for those...

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Does this affect the PS4 build as well?
(03-17-2017, 10:53 PM)CFav Wrote: [ -> ]Does this affect the PS4 build as well?

You can bet it will come to console, too.
(03-18-2017, 03:56 AM)Bhaltair Wrote: [ -> ]You can bet it will come to console, too.

I figured that it would. I'm wondering if it'll be simultaneously or something that happens at a later date.
I updated the initial statement by adding Patch Notes and a link to the current AMA with CrypticSpartan.

Major changes:
  • The damage dealt by Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Amplifiers and Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Nullifiers has been increased significantly relative to their current state on TribbleThe Plasmonic Leech now stacks up to 10 timesThe 
  • Plasmonic Leech now stacks up to 10 times
  • The Plasmonic Leech self-buff now stacks with the Power Conduit Link proc found on the M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array and Adapted K.H.G. Resilient Shield Array
These will makes players a lot happier.
Some take-away's from the AMA:

Quote:[–]CrypticSpartanSTO Design Team[S] 3 points 17 hours ago 
Feedback Pulse still scales off of the following four things:
  • The pre-resistance damage of the hit it is reflecting
  • Your Auxiliary Power Level
  • Your Starship Exotic Particle Generators level
  • You having the Improved Feedback Pulse Starship Trait slotted
Anything that modifiers your Exotic Particle Generators stat - consoles, traits, your skill tree, or other things, will impact its damage.

Player Question:
Just for posterity, this means that the Particle Manipulator personal space trait no longer has any interaction whatsoever with Feedback Pulse, correct?

[–]CrypticSpartanSTO Design Team[S] 2 points 16 hours ago 
That is correct.

Quote:Answer to a player's question about the new Disable Resistance buff after being disabled:

The disable resistance applies when each disable ends. If someone is overlapping disables on you, the second disable will last less long from the moment the first one ends, and the third one even less long. This additionally stands. This is all subject to change, and something we are keeping a close eye on. Currently, each instance of Disable Resistance lasts for 15 seconds.
This news is certainly a lot better - it should mitigate the feeling that we heard in our fleet meeting on saturday that some current builds will become obsolete (my build is all beams, plasmonic leech & plasma embassy consoles!)

Thanks for the post
(03-22-2017, 03:47 PM)Jstagg Wrote: [ -> ]This news is certainly a lot better - it should mitigate the feeling that we heard in our fleet meeting on saturday that some current builds will become obsolete (my build is all beams, plasmonic leech & plasma embassy consoles!)

Thanks for the post

I asked on reddit to get some specifics on the changes. I still feel the leech will be obsolete on beam boats, as even 7.5 points of power is too weak. 1 point in certain skills can cover for that. Keeping the embassy consoles will come down to 2 questions:

- do you need the EPG Mod? Which depends on if you use any Exotic damage abilities like SSV, GW or FBP.
- do you need the threat scaling? Which might depend on if you plan to use traits like Reciprocity for CDR. 

I also have a Beamboat, but I am really struggling with the changes.
As a Romulan I'm already in a 40 points of power disadvantage compared to Warp Core users, so the Leech nerf hits me even harder.
I am also using the Flambard with 4 embassy consoles (it could take 5). The Flambard also has a Lt. Com Science Boff, which I currently use for SSV2 and FBP2 (together with Impr. FBP). Both of those scale well with EPG, even after the changes. In order to get decent EPG you need to invest 2 or 3 Skilpoints, use embassy consoles with EPG Mod, and maybe even slot the Solanae Deflector. 

Or I could go a complete different route:

I could fly the Khopesh instead of the Flambard. The Khopesh has 5 Tactical console slots instead of 5 Science, and only a Lt. Science boff slot. I could drop EPG as a skill, and all embassy consoles in favor of having 5 Locators, which would not only boost my beams, but in my case also the Nausicaan Torp. I could just use ST1 and HE2 as science skills, focusing on Tactical completely. I could add skill points into power management instead of EPG, and maybe the MACO shield + 3 Iconian pieces instead of the Solanae Deflector with 3 Iconian, boosting power even further (to make up for the loss of the Leech).
I wouldn't need threat anymore for FPB, which would give me access to all those damage boosts from Strategist.
In theory this sounds very tempting.

The only problem with this setup would be threat: Unless there is a dedicated tank in the group this will likely draw a lot of aggro, as I am missing the threat nullifiers. And I might not be able to handle that threat.

Another aspect is that the T6 Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser might arrive, and I really like this ship.
Similar to the Flambard it has a higher Sci Focus, and on top of that it uses a Warp Core (more power!).
It doesn't have a hangar, but instead has Sensor Analysis, something you otherwise just don't get as a Romulan Captain outside of real Science ships. I don't know how strong the Romulan Elite Drones are after the Pet buffs, but assume SA is stronger in total.
Similar problem with the other ship I am interested in: The T'laru. It has a Commander Sci/Intel-Boff slot, so could potentially use FPB2 + GW3, or SSV3 + GW3 (both SSV and GW3 scale much better with EPG with the changes).

So even though the Khopesh might be the better alternative compared to the Flambard, if I really want to be able to fly those other ships, too, I will have to commit to skill EPG, and at least some EPG embassy consoles.
Quote:[–]CrypticSpartanSTO Design Team[S] 2 points 38 minutes ago 

On Tribble the current tooltip on Weapons is "This weapon drains # power while actively firing." The goal is that indicates its current functionality on Tribble, which is that the power is returned when the recharge period starts.
If on the live server the multiplier from Weapons power was (Everything else)x(Weapons Power), the new equation is (Everything else)x((Weapons Power+100)/2).

EDIT: Yes, this is independent of EPS. Weapons return their power instantaneously at the beginning of the recharge period.

EDIT 2:  the Weapon mod scaling formula is: 0.5+(0.005*[WpnPwr]) = Modifier
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