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Full Version: Help save a lost Commander
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I have been playing STO for almost 6 mos now and I have finally made it to Commander. I had been doing fairly well at space battles up until now. I thought getting a new ship would allow for me to utilize a lot of the weapons I have been accumulating over the past months. But I keep getting "Cannot equip that item". This is frustrating.

Can anyone help me to figure out how to become formidable in this game again? Not much fun getting your phaser bank kicked all over the quandrant.

Thanks so much for any help!!!

I guess I have a few questions first about how you are doing space combat. My first toon was an engineer and used a cruiser, I used a broadside attack while fighting in space. Currently I'm levelling up a few alts and am just keeping the target in front of me and trying to take them out.

I would recommend that instead of trying to use the weapons you were getting in the past, I used the top teir weapon that I could get my hands on. At commander I think that's a rank VI item. These weapons can also be made by using Memory Alpha to get these items.

Depending on your build I would just stay and focus on the weapons that you put skill points in.
Odds are the reason you cannot equip an item is one of two reasons:

1) Your ship cannot use that item, or
2) The item is for a designed for a higher rank player.

I doubt its the first reason. There are very few items that can be used on some ships. For example, turrets and cannons can only be used on escorts (and the galaxy-x). Most likely your problem is reason 2. Look at the description for the item, it tells you which rank it is for.

Make sure you have a tier 3 ship and I believe the equipment should be a Mk V or Mk VI (max). You should also check the level of your opponents. When you select an enemy you can look at the info for it at the top of your screen. If the number is in red then that means it is that amount of levels higher than you. So if it is 10 then it is 10 levels higher than you.