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Full Version: Energy type
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Use polaron weapons for beam I use phased polaron, and turrets and dual beam normal polaron they got a good dps and good buffs
Antiproton beams and cannons.
Phaser beams and turrets - very tasty
Monty Wrote:Phaser beams and turrets - very tasty

Do you use the turrets aft of your ship and how well do they work?
I do indeed - they seem to work well. I posted elsewhere about how, even though they do low dps, they are constantly able to fire on the target which means they can do more damage than a beam array which isn't brought to bear on target.

I use two aft when I have a fast firing torp fore. When I'm using a tri-cobolt fore, I then replace 1 of the turrets with a beam array and then broadside the target while the cooldown ticks
I hit full speed with my cruiser, and full broadside pwnage with my antiproton arrays
With my ship, I use auxiliary phaser cannons. It's better...
Wish you could put multiple Cutting Beams on your ship, but that would be slightly overpowered...
I use phaser beams, but still experimenting
I have no idea if I'm in the minority here but I've not really played a build to an energy type - I've never done power drain builds (polaron would be the clear choice there) and I've never run shield strippers (tetryon) etc. The one exception to this would be disruptors and thats really only because the damage resistance buff is helpful to my entire team and not just myself.

Since I'm mostly an escort guy I figured it doesn't really make too much difference. DHCs are DHCs are will pump out a ton of damage regardless of energy type. Sure, AP are nice with the extra [CrtD] but with my skills/consoles thrown in an extra 10% CrtD isn't a huge reason for me to justify using them so I use canon builds true to the shows meaning mostly phasers. I think I have builds of every energy type now, I love to swap out and play around with things which for me is most important!
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