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Full Version: Display of current Stardate
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I wonder, if the current stardate could be also displayed on the Armada website as well as the Armada Flagship website? Imho, it would be a most convient thing for users. Wink
It's definitely possible, frankly I hate that the in-game stardate is so far off from STO's actual timeline.
Google has a calendar layer for that...
(02-27-2017, 10:27 AM)Akimalyn2380 Wrote: [ -> ]Google has a calendar layer for that...

That is brilliant - thanks for sharing that!!

It won't let me change the year without mad amounts of scrolling; were you able to see 2409/2410?
Well the stardate on the site is based on the logs in game, which I have a calculator for that's the one TP is talking about. This is also what James and I are using in Fortitude's logs.

The one in that calendar seems to be TNG based? I know TNG's stardates is what Cryptic used for a few of their STO blogs and I used the same for our short stories

I don't know why Cryptic decided to use a different algorithm for the in-game log stardates but it's annoying.