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Full Version: Q's Winter Holiday Event
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Looks like a Breen ship. No word on the stats yet I think.

I want the winter uniform O.O Rura Penthe here I come! Wait..

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I don't know why I'm so excited about this, but I want!

Edit, I know why - it will replace my KDF vet reward Heavy Destroyer........
I'm in love with this new Breen ship I'm going to get it it's perfect for my game style
Btw, server's up.. even if it's telling you it's not. Still waiting on Q though.


So, today I experienced Q's Winter Wonderland for the first time and I love it. I was lucky enough to get the "Flurry" Snowball Gun and it rocks. It makes fighting Snowmen so much easier, the Snowman Overlord was down in a matter of seconds. Smile

Racing the "Fastest Game on Ice" in order to get Q's Autographs for the Breen Ship seems to be fairly easy, when you take the following observations into consideration:
- only run on straight parts of the course
- steering control seems to be easier, when you are transformed by Q into some other being.

By the way, I like to remind you that you cannot receive Bridge invites, while you are in Q's Winter Wonderland.
Unfortunately, this means that Tuffli invite requests are useless when you enjoy that particular scenery.

Don't kill the messenger. Big Grin
There's "Fast and Flurrious" or something for winning the pvp race.


Finished raising a Winter Epohh today and got the "Snowshoe" Accolade.
Been trying to get more time in there, but working on fleet credits to get personnel for the starbase and embassy.
ChrisHerr Wrote:
Ariel Wrote:...........but I thought it was from critting on an Epohh DOFF item. Not sure...........

I think it's just getting a fully developed Epohh, as I got it today
ChrisHerr Wrote:Happy New Year everyone-

As luck would have it, today was the day that I achieved 1000 autographs! (Wouldn't you know that only 999 would fit in a stack.) I missed a few days over the holidays, but I worked hard to run those races every day.
So I have turned them in on four of my characters for the below!

From this: To This:

I had to let go of my Akira Heavy Escort (Tier 3) to make room in Raifin's ship slots for the new Breen ship, but I think it was well worth it!

Seems like a "tough little ship", I like it. (I look forward to fine tuning it's configuration! ; )

Have a Happy New Year-


I need less than 400 pics to get mine, can't wait.
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