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Full Version: T6 Tal Shiar Ships... for console
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Consoles are finally getting the Tal Shiar Lock Box, which probably means Feds and Roms will be able to get the Plasmonic Leech.

But Arc/Cryptic also announced the T6 versions of the Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer and Adapted Battlecruiser:

No word if they will be added to PC, too.

What i like about the TSBC is that it gives Romulans access to a Cruiser with Sensor Analysis and Fed/KdF-like Cruiser commands.
In return the Romulan cloak is reduced to a normal Cloak, and the Core is changed to a Warp Core, losing the Singularity Powers.
But some Warp Cores are so much better than SCs, that I don't mind that.

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I just realized that they apparently upgraded the consoles, too.
They are 'enhanced' versions of the T5-ship consoles:

I would love to see that the shrapnel torpedo becomes more competitive with other universals. 
The movie version of the torpedoes were p-r-e-t-t-y cool!