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Full Version: Did anyone check out Season 4 on Tribble?
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It is awesome! I can't wait for it to come to holodeck! I love shooting in the zoom mode! Big Grin
I checked it out today and I love it so far. The Borg updates are really amazing too. I'll be doing a review on it for the blog, and probably put up a video or two as well about it.
If you haven't been on Tribble this weekend is the time to try it out. There was a post on the official site that stated there will be rewards for trying out tribble this weekend.
Any word on what the reward will be?
Just a little speculation, but nothing official. I'm almost at 4 hours on the tribble server messing around with new ships and different stuff. Still need to redo assimilation to mess with the new borg. So far I'm liking the changes and looking forward to the borg invasion this week.