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Full Version: Chroniton weapons have ZERO effect on Tzenkethi ships
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(Chrons are superior on ground against them-advanced temporal dual pistols, mixed w/your away team using Adv Herald beam projector staffs)....I've also tried phaser beams, no luck...any honest advice on which beams are the most effective against their ships?

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I have had zero issues taking them down with Phasers

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Well, if its in space, then you are going up against their strength of reverse shield distribution from their sides or flank. Trying to flank them can be done but at a much slower rate and will need higher dps criticals to do it.

You will need to exploit their weakness with a head-on volley. I can take out those Dark Elf Ark looking dreadnoughts in under a minute sitting head-on. Any good Drain build with the Standoff lockbox trait in front arc attacks should be able to take them out fast.