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It's funny. I had very little game time recently, only logging once every two or three days and suddenly I receive a special promo email, showing me this:

Anyone else got this?
My first thought was that it might be due to the botched WizKids / Vizier Class deal, but that was the Command Sovereign...
I like getting it - actually prefer the intel vs the command version - but I think it's odd that they first sell a ship at the C-Store, and then give it out for free later? What about those who already have it?
I found this reddit-discussion on the T6 Sovereigns, talking about strengths and weaknesses, and giving some build ideas:
(01-23-2017, 07:51 PM)TacPaddy Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone else got this?

Nope Sad

I saw some peeps on reddit posting the same. But I didn't receive anything yet...
I haven't either.
I've been afk for a few weeks and returned tonight (free Formal Set).

Browsed the Promotions tab and I have a First Time Buyer Pack waiting to be claimed. Pretty weird, since I didn't buy anything. Any ideas?
I got it but I've already purchased the T6 Sovereign previously, and I am maxed on spec points as well. Sad
(01-24-2017, 04:26 AM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]I think it was a nice addition to my ships, and I hope everyone gets one.  (Cryptic seems to handle emailing out ships badly, as I'm never sure what their criteria is for who gets the ship.)

Nope, unfortunately Cryptic chose to randomly spread some, and play the envy game for others.
Also hard to understand is that players who already own the ship got the email. That is another kick in ***. They didn't have
to pay Zen if they had waited, and others who don't have it miss out.


(01-24-2017, 04:26 AM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]Its an odd ship to man, station wise, as you have three tactical officers (one that can have intel abilities, two engineering, and no science, no universal.)
Odd indeed. Mine has the following:
  • Cmdr. Engineering
  • Lcdr. Universal/Intel
  • Lcdr. Tactical
  • Lt. Engineering
  • Ens. Tactical
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