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Full Version: I'm Back!
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Not sure if anyone remembers me, been so long I totally don't know how to pay this game. Had some health issues with major surgery, burnt through shot term disability and on long term disability now... thought I would get back to some things I love doing. Can anyone help me get back in the groove to re-acclimate me in the game? So gld to be back, can't wait to touch base with the old guys and make new friends.

Hijaak / Havik
Welcome back... whoever you are Wink
I restarted this game back in November, also after a long pause.
You will see lots of things changed, but you are back in time for the 7th Anniversary of STO and STOA!
Just go only and make sure you are in the STOA chat.
Or better get on Discord. 
Plenty of people online who will help you get back into the STO-groove!
Welcome back Hijaak!

You should still have access to the fleet sections of the forums, but you're character isn't on our rosters - hit one of the Admiral's up here or in game and we'll get an invite back out to you
Of course I remember you!!! I missed you man!!! Welcome back!!!!

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