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Full Version: Pics of how things looked at Launch - Starbases, char select
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Personally I thought the old esd looked better lol, but I do remember the old engineering bit, but not those ships!!!
Vulcan was a great update, I can't wait until they get round to updating Andoria, or even Risa!
(09-17-2012, 06:36 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]Hey all,

  I was looking at organizing some of my screenshots and found some fun screenshots from 2010;  I figured some of the newer STOA players haven't seen the original look for Earth Space Dock when Star Trek Online launched.

This was how it ESD used to look.  
(Somewhat similar to the Captain's Table, which you can see here in an earlier post.)
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Anyone remember when they changed this to the more traditional Space Dock?  Was it season 4 or 5?

(I'm glad they made the change, as the current (newer) ESD is what we expect to see from the movies, even though it would be a little long in the tooth in the STO timeframe.)

On the flip side-
Others have mentioned that while the original ESD didn't look like the one from the movies, it was pretty cool.   I am surprised that it hasn't turned up in other areas of the game.....  Maybe in the new season 7 sector of space!

Something very similar to this old ESD can be found by flying past the current ESD, and behind Earth!