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Full Version: U.S.S. Knaves Justice --- Advice Needed
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Greetings fellow Fleet Members, I've finally got round to uploading my build onto the skill planner, however I'm well aware it needs a lot of work, mainly on my Skill point as I'm still not fully versed with the new system, any advice would be welcome.

The Sheild, Impulse, Deflector and Warp Core are all up for replacement, currently working towards the Iconian set, unless your advice indicates a better alternative.

Thank you in advance for any advice, and feel free to ask any questions needed!
Hey Belgevain,

First, because others already seeked and received advice on this ship on reddit, here a link to several threads.
I bet you can find a lot of advice and ideas there:

Looking at your skills, traits, Doffs and Boff Abilities... you really REALLY like feeling safe in your ship...
What I'm saying is you are basically trying to make a tank of an Escort, and don't think that was your intention.
Especially because it means you are greatly crippling your damage that way.
But not everything is bad, you have a great ship and some great consoles, like the way you are going.

First, because others already seeked and received advice on this ship on reddit, here a link to several threads.
I bet you can find a lot of advice and ideas there

Some recommendations:
Looking at your skills, doffs and abilities one thing sticks out: you don't have anything to reduce the CDs of your Boff Abilities. i.e. Tactical Readiness is not skilled, something essential. Lower CD means you can use the abilities more often, which means more Damage and more also more healing.
Look into the concept of chaining abilities HERE. Replace FAW (Fire at Will) with Scatter Volley (CFV). It will give you some insight on some of the game mechanics.

Specializations: Take a look at Intelligence as Primary . Pilot could be secondary to keep the turn bonus.
Intelligence gives some nice defensive and offensive bonuses, especially for ships that can take advantage of the flanking bonuses.

Boff Abilities: You already devoted 4 science slots to defensive and healing abilities, therefore I suggest to use the Engineering slots for Emergency Power to Weapons I + II. This Chain will allow you to have use one every 15 seconds, which should give you a new boost to damage, especially when you use Scatter Volley simultaneously. 
Change Transfer Shield Strength into Energy Siphon, that together with the Leech will boost your subsystems a lot, which in return will boost damage and healing.

Get rid of the Zero Point Module. It really only works for Plasma based builds, because then you would get the Set-Beam to get the Set Bonus. Otherwise you will find plenty of better consoles out there. Also the Neutronium Alloy console is nice to have, but really not recommended. 
Then move one of the Universal consoles from Science into Engineering.
Fill the 2 open Science console slots with Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Nullifiers [DrainX]. These Consoles are a stronger damage boost than Vulnerability Locators, and the DrainX will further boost your Plasmonic Leech (and Energy Siphon if you get it).

Warp Core:
Consider getting a Elite Fleet Plasma-Integrated Warp Core with [AMP] and [Eff] mods. 
Some will scream now 'Get the complete Iconian Set', and there is nothing wrong with that. 
But this core will boost you Power Resistance and Power Transfer Rate, + the EFF mod will boost your power settings. The AMP mod will boost you damage, too, and is essential on any Core. 
Or get the Elite Fleet Reinforced Warp Core with [AMP] and [EPS]. EPS boosts your Power Transfer Rate even better, but you don't get the power resistance (which slightly reduces the power usage of everything, incl. weapons), and can't get the Eff mod. 

Space Rep:
You already have a fast and agile ship, so you don't need Advanced Engines.
Get Energy Refrequencer, that should compensate some of the losses in healing abilities I suggested.
Consider replacing either Omega Graviton Amplifier or Advanced Targeting Systems with Auxiliary Power Configuration - Offense. It is considered the strongest damage boost Space Rep, and should work well for you as you will have high Aux thanks to the Leech.

In terms of pure damage you would ideally move 10 more points into the tactical tree to get the Ultimate Skill.
But that would mean to make you much more vulnerable, and I don't know how comfortable you are with that.
At the very least put 2-3 points into Tactical Readiness to reduce the CDs on all tactical abilities.
There are 2 skills you can get rid of:
Control Expertise - you don't have any control abilities, so get rid of it.
Warp Core Efficiency: only helps at very low power levels. Useless as you have a leech against that.
Keep the other points in Hull Plating, Warp Core, Drain Expertise, Long Range Targeting and Impulse. 
Leaves Hull and Shield Skills. Every point you take out here will reduce your survivability, but will improve you DPS.
Depends on your what you favor more.

Hope that helps!
Wow, that's fantastic advice there!

You're right about the setup of my skills, I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing when I remapped them all so its handy to get some advice in there setup Smile

I'll make the adjustments and let you know how I get on, but till then, thank you so much for the help!
I just saw this popping up on Reddit, might help.
Following the fantastic advice from yourselves and Reddit, here is my much improved build!

Once again I throw it to your mercy for advice and criticism!
Nice build. A bit heavy on the Shield heal for my taste, though, especially with the Doffs.

I'm curious on why you chose Pilot+Command as your specializations.
I would also like to know how you set up your subsystem power (Weapons, Engines, Shields, Aux)

Some suggestions about your Boff abilities:

- As Accuracy is not a problem in the current meta (except maybe in PvP),  you can drop AP Lambda. 
Use KLW 1 and AP Beta instead. 

- You are sacrificing some essential abilities for the sake of Shield heals. 
Keep in mind shields can be disabled, and some abilities ignore shields partially or completely.

I suggest changing you Science Lt. abilities to: Science Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2
(For more damage use Subspace Vortex + HE).
Change to Universal Lt Boff to an Engineer with: Engineering Team 1, Emergency Power to Weapons 2

Hazard Emitters is essential due to the cleanse effect, and Rank 2 will give you a stronger hull HoT (further boosted by Best Defense trait)
Science Team over TSS or PS, as it offers a cleanse.
Engineering Team is essential, as it give you a Hull Heal, and repairs disabled systems. (heal is boosted by Best Defense trait)
EPtW is essential as it repairs disabled weapons, boosts damage, and boosts Weapon Power (further boosting damage).

You should see a boost in damage while still maintaining / possibly improving your overall survivability.

- Doffs:
Your Brace for Impact Doffs are a bit overkill, and most likely ineffective.
I suggest to drop all 3.
Here a list of possible replacements:

- Maintenance Engineer / Engineering Team: reduces CD on ET
- Astrometrics Scientist - 15 seconds after using the Hazard Emitters: 50% chance to heal 40% of Hull restored by Hazard Emitters. Hull heal is based on the Hazard Emitters strength.
- Warp Core Engineer / EPtX variant: chance to improve subsystem power on the use of any Emergency to substystem ability
- Energy Weapons Officer: Chance to gain Crit Chance / Crit Severity Boost, stacks 3x (expensive, UC or Rare should work)
- UR Space Warfare Specialist (Na'kuhl) - 20% chance when activating tactical boff ability: 10% of next 10 sources of outgoing damage applied as Hull healing (excluding Dots)

Reputation Traits:
- Drop Enhanced Shield Penetration for Precision (if available)
- Once you unlocked the 5th slot either use Advanced Targeting Systems for stronger Crits, or Aux Config - Defense for stronger defensive stats.

Space Traits:
- use Intense Focus instead of Accuracy (IF gives accuracy and shield pen)
- Inspirational can replace several traits at the same time, as it boosts all ship skills, incl. damage skills.
This makes it the best Space trait available. Drop either Techie, Shield Tech or Warp Core Specialist for it.
- Ablative Shell and Biotech Patch are stronger than Techie, Shield technician, or Elusive.
- Point Blank Shot for more damage

Active Rep:
- Drop the Ground ability Medical Nanite Cloud for the strong Bio-Molecular Shield Generator.

I won't suggest any other ship traits as I don't know what you have available, and those I would suggest
either cost Zen or a large amount of EC.
So I have taken on some recommendations, and made some alterations. What is the opinion of the new and improved Build?