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Full Version: Apologies for sporadic playing
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So gonna put this out here:
I was on a large LoA from June 2014 till August of 2016.  That's 2 years, 2 months.
It wasn't really my choice ... decisions I made in life, predicated my taking that break.

I've been back since August, and it's been ... overwhelming ... to be blunt.
SO MUCH to catch up on - so many missions that have been added in and I have to go back to do.
So much reputation.  So much grinding.   Kobali.  

2 Reasons why I've been on less in September to now.

1. I'm living in a homeless shelter, and the house computers can't have STO installed.  The internet cafe is $2.50/hr so I go maybe 1 time a week for 2-4 hours.
2. I'm finding the game a bit boring with all the repetitive grinding over and over.  I like missions that aren't all about reputation, and admiralty.  The first 4-5 story arcs were good, quality, and the last group hasn't been that good.

So, I'm on as often as I can be, but, it may be only 1-2 times a month.

To the admirals, I apologize for my lack of major contribution.
To my fellow fleeters - I apologize for appearing to have been on a while but knowing a lot less abt the game than I should (I forgot how to get to the bridge this evening! AHAHAHAHA) ... I apologize also, if I make jokes and you are offended ... please forgive me.

Anyway I'll try to be on at least once if not twice a month.  If someone wants to start a Kickstarter for me that would be great. (DON'T IT's a JOKE) .  

I'm no Admiral, and I just recently joined STO. 
All I can say is: welcome back, hopefully we'll see you online!
No need to apologise! As it always will, life comes first before any game!

I hope all goes well, and maybe see you in game when you can.

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