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Full Version: Gold Romulan Kit Bug
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So last night somebody in the armada chat pointed out that a current bug in the Mission 'Uneasy Allies"
turned the Kit Reward to Epic instead of the usual VR. Only the Kit, nothing else.
At that time I had my 6 month old baby girl sleeping on one arm while I was just casually flying the Tour the Galaxy/EC Grab run,
and tried it out immediately after. I was able to finish it with one hand without waking the baby, and the I did manage to grab that Epic Kit! (had to kick out my VR Kit first)
Then I jumped to my lvl 53 Klingon-ROM toonr, and did it again. Now he also got the Epic Kit (just XI, but I won't complain).
Unfortunately they fixed it this morning (Nov 17 Patch Notes).

I just want to thank the fellow member (sorry, didn't remember your name) for the great tipp!
And I am grateful to the devs that they didn't call it an exploit and took it away again, or worse...
"... to boldly poop where no baby has pooped before."