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Full Version: Question about the Ambassador Spok IDIC Medallion
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Hey, everyone! I'm "WarryNnPeese"
(@warrynnpeese#0791) and I've been playing STO since April 15th of 2016 and on the 21st of Nov it will be my 6 month anniversary with STOA Infinity! Decided this morning to take a look at my current "stats" and achievements and I finally reminded myself to look at the commodations on the web site and noticed the Ambassador Spok IDIC Medallion, which led me to ask this Q:
When it says in description that I must have 3 lvl 50 characters each in a different faction w/different careers, how does that work-exactly? (does it mean that I must have 3 FED- one tac, one sci, and one engineer and same with the RRF and KDF totaling 9 "toons"?- my reason for asking is because I have a multitude fed characters and three of those FED characters are at level 50 or above, with two of them being temporal- one in Engineering and one in Science. I also have a Romulan Science character that is above level 50 but is with the Federation and I also have a Klingon Tactical character that is above level 50. I have a multitude of FED officers to choose from covering all three career types when you say "factions" with RRF science, and KDF tac, will that count as a reward recieved, or do I have to make two additional RRF and KDF toons to complete? Also,in regards to my Klingon character does my Klingon character have to be in the STO Klingon Fleet or can my character be in the fleet that it currently is in? (and if so, can someone invite that character in to the STOA KDF fleet?) As far as my Romulan character is concerned does it also have to be with FED, or KDF to be counted?

(Please don't laugh- I'm NOOB at this and if it werent for "TacPaddy", "Akymallin", and occasional inputs from "Attillo" I'd still be borderline clueless to the game!- Thanks, you guys!
-and P.S.: TacPaddy, please don't leave us!!)

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Oh...and uh Sorry about the name misspells ("Akimalyn2380", and "Attilio"- I hate typing on my smartphone... Smile

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Nothing to laugh about, any question should be okay.

I highly doubt our Admirals are asking for 9 different toons, as you would have to buy some Char Slots with Zen for that.
So you should be eligible for the commendation as you have what it takes for it, but these 3 toons need to be in a STOA Fleet, otherwise the Admirals won't see that you are eligible.

At least, that's how I understand it.
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It basically means, have a character in each of the three factions, and each one should be a different career. For example, Fed Engineer, Romulan Science, KDF Tactical.

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yup, i got it with a Tac Fed, Sci Rom, and KDF Eng...

also of note is that 23c temporal agents are considered Federation, and Delta Recruits work the same way as the Romulans for what allegiance they select as their faction.