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Full Version: One of the many changes that are coming
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I just saw the following on the maintenance notes for 25 Oct.

It has been my experience that the more Dilithium that is requested the longer the project takes.
  • Removed any Duty Officer input requirements on all Reputation Projects and increased the Dilithium input requirements by 100 per Duty Officer that was previously required. 
What are your thoughts?
Actually I think this will be a very good move overall, not a lot of people have spare doffs to grind and usually people like me end up dumping a bunch of hard-earned fleet credits back into the Starbase to help fill projects by buying cheap doffs there. Having only a few resources we have to dump in there will really streamline getting upgrades done in a reasonable fashion.
I'm reading the forums and a lot of people don't get that this change applies to the extra pets we can craft from the Nukara and Romulan reputation projects rather than the fleet system.

I like it, means that now i can craft a bunch of consumables for D'Deridex reinforcements for the next go at Korok Medal/Disco Elite
Well I guess that explains it then.  Because I was surprised when the new K-13 fleet holding opened and there where doff slots to be filled.  Live and learn.

Thanks for the reply!
I dont mind dumping extra stuff into the fleet projects, but right now I am trying to max out my Recruitment EXP to tire 4 for two of my characters, until this is done I play the Reassignment game to get me the Recruitment EXP. In the mean time with the new k13 projects i just dropped over 30M E-creds to get enough fleet marks to buy extra slots.
Using EC directly is now the most efficient way to earn fleet Credits. I did the math and for the starship trait slot at 250,000 credits, it costed me 25,000,000 ec, while if i went the old buying doffs off the exchange route it would have cost me 29,190,000ec at the average market price of 35,000 ec per doff. The maximum price for buying doffs to break even or do better than paying ec for credits directly is at or less than 29,977ec each.