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Full Version: Sharing fun players seen in STO - (Like Drizzt Do'Urden)
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The best part of this topic is seeing you photobombing these guys in every shot. I imagine you sidle up behind them all subtle like, heh.
It's an NPC, but there is a Beatlejuice look-a-like running around DS9. I have a picture, will see about getting it showing at some point
I wonder if they have to program the randomiser to avoid some obvious ones
I found Spiderman and Prince! I must get these pictures up for you Smile
I saw a better Yoda on STO before. Wish I had gotten a picture of him.
Is the Prince chest hair a C-Store option?
Love this thread! I really enjoy customizing charachters in STO. I am quite popular in the Drozana station bar scene when I play as Greedo from Star wars.
Jstagg Wrote:Spiderman

Looks like Spawn
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