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Full Version: Oct 19 Maintance
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Just got home from work and saw they are doing maintenance tomorrow, Wed Oct 19th.  Anyone know what that's about?
Quote:Arc will be undergoing a scheduled maintenance at 5AM Pacific on 10/19/2016. The maintenance will be for approximately 7 hours. Our engineers will be performing server updates and upgrades during which some web services and games may be delayed or temporarily unavailable. If additional time is needed, we will provide up-to-date information through our social channels, this news page and Arc client emergency message system.
maybe they finally got some new servers Smile hopefully this will take care of some of the remaining lag problems in PVE fleet actions like CCA and ISA


Server upgrades doesn't necessarily mean new server.  We've seen server upgrades that improve things for a little bit but the original hardware they are working with is so that game updates quickly overwhelm the system and we're back to a lag fest.  The game does need a new server, or at least it's own server instead of shearing one with Neverwinter, but it's either it's not making enough money to get one or they just refuse to spend the money.
Though just to heads up change the resolution to 1.00 (display) which will stop the fuzzyiness. Also I just crashed when I adjusted the brightness on something (I had lowered it) but raised it in an area. SO right now it is verifying, remember start of a new upgrade nothing will be perfect.

I like the new look of STO though, and the episode is nice.