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Full Version: Game question:
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Game question:
if this character Smith mission difficulty is advanced the other characer Jones should be normal still right?
I'm pretty sure that mission difficulty is per character and not for the entire account.
Thank you, on my foundry character Robert Mardis I change his mission status to advanced. I know it makes game little harder but I heard it also gives more reward's or better ones at time's. I thought I try changing some of my others that not in foundry. I have others that are Lt. or LT.Cmdr. I know the early missions pretty good. I will keep my Vice Adm. as normal since there mission and pvp I not done with him yet.
out of wonder has any one noticed foundry mission's being listed in game?
when I go to foundry it grey out?
The foundry is down right now, I'm not sure when it'll be back up. I really haven't checked if the missions are listed in the game though. I wouldn't be surprised if the foundry missions are down as well.