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Full Version: Funny Bug On my ship
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to day i got a bug unexpended one

my ship  changed its shape and for some reason it looks better :Smile here some pictures

The original looks


The bugged one noticethe sourcer section section


ah you got a free upgrade then!


The Nomad class is a variant of the Emissary class. It is more armored than the other variants and the saucer section is much wider. The hull section is slightly shorter. The nacelle pylons are further forward and are very similar to the Luna class and Envoy class nacelle designs. In contrast to other designs, the ship's torpedo launchers are located to the side of the saucer and hull sections instead of pointing directly ahead and behind.

The Nomad class was an extra add-on available through the C-Store for 440 Zen  As of Season 6, this variant is only available through the Fleet Star Cruiser. Those who already own the variant retain access through the standard Star Cruiser line.