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Full Version: First Foundry Mission
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I published my 1st Foundry mission. It's called Academy Field Trip.  (ST-HN74Y8JK9)

If a couple of you guys could play through and let me know what you think that would be grand.  Feedback is greatly appreciated. 

BTW, does anyone know why a newly posted Foundry mission wouldn't be showing up in Foundry Search?
I was going to have my brother play through but he never found my mission.  


I've seen a lot of missions not pop up unless you are a foundry reviewer, which might be the issue?

Really easy to become one. It's done through the foundry mission UI in game if I remember correctly

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Thanks for the reply.  I am already a Foundry Reviewer.  
I could see my mission but my brother couldn't.
I wasn't sure whether it was becuase I was the author or because I was a Reviewer that I could see it.
That's the answer then.  
Why is this structured this way?  How is anyone supposed to find my mission to play it?



New Foundry missions are required to receive five reviews, before they are listed "normally". I can only speculate as to why it is that way. Give people the project ID (the things starting with ST-) in order to definitely find the correct one. If you could post that one here, I'll take a look and give you a review.
(10-07-2016, 11:59 AM)TacPaddy Wrote: [ -> ]New Foundry missions are required to receive five reviews, before they are listed "normally". I can only speculate as to why it is that way. Give people the project ID (the things starting with ST-) in order to definitely find the correct one. If you could post that one here, I'll take a look and give you a review.

Thanks for the kind response.   Vulcan
The St number is included in my first post starting this thread.  

Awesome. I will endeavour to get you a review too Smile

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I found the mission yesterday and played through. I have to give you an A for effort. I gave you a 5 Star rating and a 100 Dilithium tip.

I had the distinct feeling, that you took a good look on the maps available and then thought about the story. You were definitely thinking about what you are doing.

That said, I noticed some minor things that could be tweaked to make the overall impression a little bit more smooth.

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven't played the mission yet, DO NOT click on (Click to view) (Click to View)

I do not play Foundry mission often, but I am looking forward to your next story.
I've just played your mission and 5-star rated and left you a 100 tip also. Absolutely loved the story and the fact that it was not just a combat heavy bloodbath like so many foundry missions are. You clearly thought about the story above all else, so when the combat did start, it felt like it was just part of the story, so kudos for that!

I was going to mention some of the points TP made above, especially the floating Ferengi, but I also have a couple of thoughts of my own:

Personally, I think the first map is superfluous. It's a map where you just go in and click two buttons then transfer. Actually, you could achieve the same information to the player using dialog once you've beamed down to the starbase. I only mention this because foundry  map loading times can be quite long, so best to have as few transitions as possible, and make the most of every map.

I'd like to see a couple of the maps bulked out more in terms of the way they look. Mainly the starbase cargo bay which is empty but for a few ship fragments.

Also, I forget the names of the ships, but the ones on the map where we are at warp and have to match warp velocity for transport - both of these ships are travelling backwards!

Overall thoroughly enjoyed playing it!
Thanks for the reviews and the kind words guys.
About Daimon Prek, good point. My intention was that the player is supposed to get the idea that gravity is out but aside from making it a low gravity zone (which I did on the maps) and assigning Prek and his daughter floating in zerog animations there wasn't a whole lot I could do.  I toyed with having a reminder to suit up before going to cargo level map but since the Ferengi, Klingosn and Targs don't have suits that didin't seem to make sense.  Maybe it would have been better to leave the Zero-g animation idea out entirely.  

About the Binars I looked up what 411 and 911 were in binary and coped them down for the Instructor Putnam dialog.  I must have transposed numbers or something becuase my intent was that the binary and regular numbers match.  Hopefully my custom alien for them looked was really hard trying to match the TNG episode appearance.  

The ships in the warp map being pointed backwards I honestly didn't notice.....oops.  On a regular space map it wouldn't matter but the warp lines establish a clear directional orientation.  I may leave that goof in just because its kinda funny Smile

I was aware of the MACO being distinct from Marines but I needed an armored NPC and that Caitian looked pretty cool.  That's really all that was.  
The goof with the pregen appearance of the enlisted guard for Lt. Mentos was accidental.  I used a Benzite with a respirator I thought looked cool fully intending to make a custom later and forgot to get back to that.  
The Saurian admiral was a custom NPC that I made up and then put in an Admiral variant uniform I found on the STO wiki.  For consistancy, she probably should have been in an Odyssey admiral's uniform to match the other NPCs but I really wanted her to look different.  

It appears i will have to remove my mission, correct and then repost if I want to make changes.  Do you guys know if your reviews will remain if I do this and will the mission ST code thingie remain the same?  

Again thanks for your input, kindness and patience.



Afaik, you don't need to remove it. Make the changes and then publish again. Our reviews should remain that way.
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