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Full Version: Timeline Changes
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Just finished the Klingon War missions with a toon I started during the double XP weekend and noticed something interesting.  In a mission near the end, Past Imperfect, you go back in time and talk to B'Vat in the 23rd century and he tells you he knew you were coming because the Na'kuhl told the Klingons about the future.  Wonder if there are any other changes like that.
There are, a lot of the episodes when i first started playing a year ago only had the text screen for interactions, now they talk :Smile Next step is for it to cut away to a full screen like it does in console. The AOY expansions are more than just new content, they are subtle overhauls. When Part 2 comes out on Oct 25, there will be more episodes that get updates, plus the new lighting system goes online for PC. But with that said, beware the horde of bugs bound to pop up too!
Amazingly it looks like Cryptic is getting better with the story telling. I sort of reminds me of Story from Bayonetta 1. It’s a complete mess and my no sense. Then the made Bayonetta 2 and through the use of time travel, made all the inconsistency of Bayonetta 1 make sense. Now if they can only do something with the Delta Quadrant...