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Full Version: Loading screen crashes
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Recently I have a huge problem with the game client because of frequent loading screen crashes. It happens on every third or even every second loading screen while the progress bar arrives to about one third and it freezes. When I click the mouse the client crashes.
Anyone got a solution?
Sounds like the problem I had for a while. Try this - it worked for me.

Go to Options / Advanced.

Turn on Reduced File Streaming.
Will try this immediately. Thank you.
This is a persistent bug that has been around the entirety of the game's life, and affects all of cryptic's games including Neverwinter and Champions, most likely because of how it's heavily structured on the flawed DirectX 9 architexture.

Game crashes when changing zones
Published 02/29/2016 01:41 PM   |    Updated 06/06/2016 04:37 PM

If you experience crashes or disconnects when changing zones, please make sure that you have On-Demand Patching turned off. This will require you to entirely download any updates when you first log in, but will limit the need to download anything when changing areas or characters.

Another thing to try is check the Reduced File Streaming option in the Advanced Options menu. Even though feature is described as being for low-RAM systems, many users have found this to help with crashes or disconnects when changing zones.
NOT Mal's fault! Tongue
The solution given by Sidorna was effective. No crashes anymore.
Thx a lot.