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Full Version: New Borg STF - Into the Hive
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Cant see the borg being a faction, how can 1 borg captain a vessel? The borg are a collective, im finding it hard to see how they can make this a playable faction.

faoir play if they can lol
This is one of my responses to the September 9th Blog entry of how a Borg Faction could be feasible or acceptable if Cryptic decides to go that route...

With the Borg Queen eliminated the Collective dissolves into separate independent factions or groups that are partially controlled by adjuncts or other major control drones of a particular area of space. In order to relieve some of the pressures of managing chaos to bring order, a single drone of each Borg ship that shows the highest potential (the player) is given command of that ship and sent out as envoys of the Cooperative and can make their own choices based on the situation and would have in essence free will to do whatever and whenever because of this new command protocol. Player could also choose one of two routes, they could continue to act like the old Borg Collective by destroying and assimilating other species or perhaps go a more diplomatic route and try to increase relations and gain trust from other species to accept the new Cooperative, but this would be a hard uphill battle as the old notions of the Borg remain deeply entrenched from the days of the Collective under guidance of the Borg Queen (now defeated). This would add a role-playing feel to the faction and allow the player to really control their destiny and how their game progresses with future encounters and missions being different and playing different based on the choices they have made.

Some independent Borg factions do technically exist in the Trek Universe, and not all retained the desire to assimilate other species, in fact most didn't, but some were more or less more aggressive and was willing to force their hand if it best served them, even if it did mean assimilation or enslavement (in the novels).

Perhaps if this is the story or similar that Cryptic wants to base on their Borg Faction, then I could see it being feasible and perhaps more digestible by the canon pushers, not that this game has a particularly strong emphasis on canon. :/
ChrisHerr Wrote:Hey all,

Had a good time with fleet-mates facing off against the Queen in HIVE ONSLAUGHT!

We were all learning the ropes, but had a good time facing the Borg hordes! (They tossed a lot of cubes at us!)

I'm glad to have new STFs to test our skills against, and it's fun to experience the wonder, and surprise, of what they are sending our way.

Next up, challenging the queen on the ground....

Looks painful! (Hey Queenie! Doc Ock called, and he wants his arms back!)

Played the space STF on Tribble and loved it