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Full Version: build help. tech tree
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hello. I I'm on ps4 and trying to find good builds is tricky.
I've only got my phone and the skill planer does work. 

ve got the avenger T 5 u.  I'm looking for a tanky dps build.
Hello and welcome to the forum. Since you have access to the skill planner.....
1. Open the skill planner under tools at the top of this site page.
2. Open the main menu tab and select your career then mouse click choose a ship and scroll down to Battlecruiser T5U.
3.Hit matching builds and you can browse through T5U Avenger builds people have posted specific to your career choice.

For example: a decent, relatively easy to acquire  Engineering career Avenger is the one listed for any career as "Battle Cruiser - Advanced F2p Build" using Iconian Reputation gear and fleet weapons.

Be sure to check the skill tree and build notes when browsing these files.

This site provides a fairly solid, comprehensive overview of DPS theory and practice: