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Full Version: DPS boosting Officers?
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Is there a current list somewhere of Duty Officers that will either help directly with DPS or indirectly (like for applying healing from damage output/input)?

I am aware of only a few options like the ones I've seen listed on AstroZombie/P.A.L.Gaming youtubes, but what else is there (especially lower cost options from the Exchange and inter-fleet trading)? 70,000,000+ for Zemok is quite extravagant.
So far I am aware of the following Doffs:

As for Bridge Officers, I have each of the VR quality special mission rewarded Reman (sci), Breen (Tac), Hierarchy (sci/intel), and Kobali Boffs (eng/Command), and can do Khitomer Ground for the Borg (sci) Boff.

I am aware of the Fleet options, but that requires a lot of marks and open places to dump those marks, and I'm too loyal to go fleet hopping just to get the credits needed.
Oh great Beard
y of knowledge please share your enlightenment with us! lol
The biggest boosts will come from the SRO Boffs from the Embassy. If you are a Fed you want to run two of those along with the Hierarchy boff since he has Pirate trait. I do not believe the Reman, Breen, or Kobali boffs actually have any traits with major benefits (maybe if the Reman has the cloaking boost and you use a cloak, but honestly that's pretty situational anyhow). 

As for doffs I think you nailed some of the common damage boosters (Zemok/Rugal, Dlyrene if you're Borg hunting - there's a whole series of these doffs for all the major enemy races). Graga Mal is not a damage booster by itself but it sets up good wombo combos for exotic-based builds using TBR, torp spread, and GW. There's another Gravimetric Scientist who can spawn an additional GW which is nice to have, a Benthan doff called Agent Nerul who makes APB provide healing, and all of the recent Na'kuhl doffs also provide heals on outgoing damage in certain scenarios. Marion used to be good for using DEM but the meta has kind of shifted away from that one. 

To be honest, although I have all of these I rarely use anything but Nerul/Zemok and then boffs which raise my crit chance/damage on using energy or projectile weapons, depending on my build. I think those ones were in the Year of Hell lockbox, not sure of names offhand. If you like torps, there are Xindi doffs which have a chance to boost kinetic damage on using torps (Sartis Krett I think?) but I would only run one of those and then probably run at least one purple PWO doff for torp cooldowns. 

Doffs that reduce your EPTx cooldowns are also always nice to have so you can chain EPTW/EPTS more reliably.
The naussicans have the pirate trait as well

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There's a really good boff, Zar, that you get from one of the Delta missions, he is a science/intel officer with the efficient and pirate traits.  You want as many SRO as you can get, they are expensive but worth it if you're looking to boost DPS.  If you're looking for options on doffs look for ones that reduce CDs on the abilities you use the most.  I still use as many damage control engineers as I can fit on my DPS build so that I can keep EPTW and EPTS on as much as possible.
The boff you are thinking of is the Hierarchy boff. He has a random name.
(09-22-2016, 12:18 AM)robonixon Wrote: [ -> ]The boff you are thinking of is the Hierarchy boff. He has a random name.

correct, was about to say that too... 

But I made this thread primarily for us to start a list of Duty Officers since there's so damned many to sift through on the Exchange.

I'm currently trying the following:

Ariel Tabitha Holmes
Energy Weapons Officer
Very Rare - Space
50% Chance to reduce the time to recharge when using cannon special attacks by 10 sec, and stacking +2% Damage vs Elachi up to 20%

Projectile Weapons Officer
Very Rare - Space
20% Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes by 5 sec.
(currently not on active as i test out having a beam in place of the torpedo on my Pilot DHC Sciscort hybrid, which so far isn't getting the results I expected) 

Mirella Shameka Morphy
Maintenance Engineer
Very Rare - Space
Recharge time reduced for Engineering Team by 8 sec, and +10 Buff to hull healing rate for 15 sec

Katelin Ricki Ennaco
Damage Control Engineer
Very Rare - Space
35% Chance to reduce the recharge time for Emergency Power to subsystem abilities by 30%

Reid Hubert Traill
Gravimetric Scientist
Very Rare - Space
25% Chance to create an aftershock Gravity Well after 12 sec, 
PLUS 20% Chance to create additional spatial anomaly after 14 sec if previous is triggered, 
PLUS 15% Chance to create additional spatial anomaly after 16 sec if previous is triggered, 
PLUS 10% Chance to create additional spatial anomaly after 18 sec if previous is triggered.

With a 6th slot from the Fleet Spire for a rotation of Space Warfare Specialists for +10% damage vs. its specific enemy... currently only have Hirakene for (vs Undine) for the Korok Medal Challenge and Dylrene being scheduled in a few days.
The problem with doing names is that while they may be easy to search, they are also in most cases locked to a particular faction (Ariel is fed only for example). Others like Law are quest rewards and thus usable by anyone. I would also recommend searching google or r/stobuilds as people have done this already I bet. Save time!  Smile
I know there is a reddit post about duty officers in the r/builds(?) I think that's it will have to wait until I get a new computer and check my links

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Regarding the SROs- a) Use dilithium
                               b) wait for an opportunity to present itself
                               c)  these are quite essential so before you go looking for Boffs on the exchange try to get these first. 

BTW: I use a saurian engineering Boff with the effiencient space trait for better power levels, not sure how expensive they are but might be worth looking into.
The saurian isn't that expensive for vr. I think I got one for 400-600k but that was a month ago

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