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Full Version: Bringing stuff from the 23rd century
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There was a little discussion in chat last night regarding bringing purchases from the 23rd century through to "present day". I ran a little experiment with a temporary character - William S. Preston *plays TOS theme on air guitar*

23c Earth Space Dock has a few basic facilities. It has vendors for BOFFs (240 dil each), training manuals (EC) and space/ground gear.

Equipment sold is Common quality and up to IX. Items aren't bound.

BOFFs are character-bound, even if they haven't joined your crew. If you acquire a 23c BOFF (from vendor or from reward) and keep it in your candidate roster, it cannot be mailed to another - "Bound items cannot be traded".

Bought training manuals are also character-bound and non-tradable.

23c training manuals cannot be obtained from 23c BOFFs you brought with you. If you try to convert a candidate from the roster into a manual, the list will show all skills except 23c skills.

Refined dilithium is a rarity in 23c; fortunately you can access the zen/dil exchange from the 23c so can access any dil you stored there in the future.

When you earn 23c BOFFs and go to "change uniform", you can dress some (but not all) of them up in present-day uniforms if you have them (e.g. I made Skavrin run around in a DS9 uniform about a century before DS9 was acquired).

There's no bank on ESD, but you can beam to your ship's bridge and access your account bank from the ready room for easy access to EC and gear from the future. (I guess, for the above three points, it would be a pain to code a temporary block on account resources).

You can replay all the 23c stories apart from "Explore Earth Spacedock" so once you've left the 23rd century you can't revisit 23c ESD. You can't skip AoY stories either - if you want to bring another temporal agent into the present you have to replay the lot (apart from the tutorial).
thank  you for that info. I wish I had thought about it when I did my temp character. I had forgotten I had put ec  in the bank. Oh well, if I make another one I will remember to do that. I do enjoy the temp agent stuff.
Oh well that rots and comes across unfavoribly from other comments I've seen on Reddit, although the going theory ive heard is that K-13 is going to become the AOY social zone like New Romulus Command, or a special access level via the turbolifts in ESD once all the bugs are sorted out... they could also put it into the San Francisco Fleetyard that currently doesnt have a ground area...

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