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Full Version: Three other Trek games
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samueldavidson Wrote:I have an offer if you want one or both you can have both game's Kailath. I don't have the original book to bridge commander but I am sure there copy on internet for it. if you want it let me know.

Wow, cool!

How much are you asking for? I would absolutely love to have those. Big Grin

And Bridge Commander has changed so much, I doubt a manual would be much use, anyway. The modding community has done a big job overhauling it.

-- Officer Kailath
email me your address to <!-- e -Arrow<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -Arrow I will send it out in US mail later today or tomorrow. for you it is free.
samueldavidson Wrote:email me your address to <!-- e -Arrow<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -Arrow I will send it out in US mail later today vor tomorrow. for you it is free.

That's so nice/kind of you! I'm in such agony/misery because of my health problems that anything helps — and I'm not rich, nor is my family. Smile

I've been wanting those for a LONG time, too! The thing is, my retired mother (who cares for me) is not desirous to give out my home address over the Internet :? . So I'll have to email you my brother-in-law's PO box he uses for such transactions. Is that ok? I hope it is! :mrgreen:

Hey thanks again, SD!


-- Officer Kailath
Any address will work just send email to my AOL. make sure to state your STO name in email subject
i own still Starfleet Command 2 & 3 both were and still are excellent games.. My son still plays Starfleet Comm 3 on his HP 32 bit.
Those types of games are really fun, I play them sometimes. Although I've never played Starfleet Command exactly.
Hello, new captain here!

I own all Armadas, Bridge Commander, Voyager Away Team and others. I absolutely love the Star Trek Universe and only wish it didn't cost a million dollars to buy the dvd's or I would own all those too. I just joined STO two days ago when I heard it went Free to Play and I love it! I kind of wish the ship board stuff was more like Bridge Commander, but maybe they will update it in the future. Bridge Commander is I think my favorite one of the aforementioned games, I must have played/beaten it 50 times.

The reason I just started STO is because I am in college for a Bachelors in Computer Science and I could not justify paying per month to play a game, since that makes me feel like I HAVE to play it or I am wasting money. I wish I could have, because I want the game to do well and continue to be updated, but I just had a son in November and I don't have the free time I used too.

That having been said, I do like this game. It scratches that Star Trek itch that I have needed scratched for a while now. I got my other Star Trek games off of ebay a few years ago and I don't remember them being that expensive, but I might have just gotten lucky. I used to have Legacy(?) for Xbox360 but someone stole it from my locker when I was stationed aboard the Enterprise. Poetic right?

I hope you start feeling better and I hope to see you around Starfleet.
Personally, I played Legacy and I believe Starfleet Command III. I loved em both. I felt that those two now equal to (from the tactics used) STO. I can't say if it's the same with other games, but there's the weapon arcs and shield directions. It's really nice to see where developers now are picking up features of previous titles and adding them to something new for a collective project. As for me, despite how hard I thought "Birth of the Federation" was, I still love that game. Somehow or another, I lose. I guess micromanaging is too much for me.
I have played all of those games, I loved Starfleet command II, III and OP, also loved bridge commander for it's time. I missed the Dynaverse in Starfleet Command it gave you a reason to keep logging in.

One other game not mentioned here was Klingon Academy. It had amazing interactive real time motion cinematic. I still have a mint boxed copy on the shelf. It's never been playable on ant machine higher then WIN 98 SE and Direct X 6 or 7 though.

Some of my best online connections with friends and guilds were all established on those games.

It is with mixed feelings i remember the past. The joy of the times I had but the sadness that those times are past. You can't even go back and play those games and enjoy them on current systems.

I have often joked about getting an old clunker of a computer just so i could play old classics I miss. Does that sound silly?
Played: Star Trek Academy (sucks, it's very old) Starfleet Command II (good but complex, also 2Dmensional) Bridge Commander (nice but short and limited) Star Trek New Worlds (RTS, didnt grab my attention too long since it's not in space, and StarCraft is WAY better), Legacy (controls sucks hard, de-installed after trying 1st mission), Star Trek Armada (too old, and also 2D so SFCI/II/III are a better option)
Have to try: Elite Force (FPS), Klingon Honor Guard (FPS), Away Team (squad type)

Comparing all these games to STO, I think STO is really a gem, it mixes playing styles using the ST universe we love. Could it be better, yep, but as it is, it's maybe the best Star Trek game yet
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