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Full Version: Need help with a build.
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I have my "shut down specialist" build from before the skill revamp. Every since, I have been trying to use the new skill tree to keep the same build. I can not make it work. My DPS has been cut almost in half, my intel abilities no longer affect the NPCs and players no where near half the time they used to, and my ship has been turned into waterlogged tissue paper. Even a ship warp core breaching 15km away will cause my ship to blow apart. 

here is my current build;

I am trying to get back my build to where I was keeping people shut down enough that they got frustrated, where it won't take me 3 years to blow up a little frigate, and to where a warp core breach half way across the map won't cause my ship to breach with full health and full shields.

Any CONSTRUCTIVE help will be welcome.