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Full Version: Starbase "Construction" projects
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I'd like to suggest, that the following projects are no longer queued on completed Subtracks of the Starbase:
  • Engineering Construction Projects V
  • Practice Tactical Excercises V
  • Theoretical Modeling Projects V

Those projects are a PITA to fill (200+ DOFFs among other things), while returning "only" 1,000 Starbase XP. Contributing vast amount of ressources while there are no practical returns for the Fleet is counter-productive in my opinion. So especially for the Academy, Militia, Omega and the Legion, I'd like to advise going with Provisioning projects only instead.

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??? They aren't. Ignore Legion because any projects queued there are... well let's just say an accident and leave it at that. The only project queued in Legion would normally be the weekly boost.

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Right. Nevermind then. Wink