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Full Version: Season 7 teasing
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I hope that a mirror odyssey I love the odyssey I really like the mirror. That would be cool to meet Kirk but he died in generations but knowing perfect world they probably find a way to bring him back
Kirk died in generations...unless you want to see his corpse. Lol :-P
Depending on how canon you consider the books to be...

He's alive.
There's a whole series written by William Shatner which if i remember correctly revolves around ongoing skirmishes with the mirror universe and even a 'fake' / mirror Voyager shows up at 1 point....
well, I consider the books as much a part of the franchise as the game(s), tv shows and films(except that ridiculous Dr Who/TNG crossover), so I guess all we can do really is just wait and see what they come up with.

I would love sisko to come back from the prophets though Tongue
Jstagg shows and films(except that ridiculous Dr Who/TNG crossover),..............

I cant wait for session 7
Season 7 looks confirmed for October/November release
Down time is today, 1400 UTC (or 1300 UTC, not 100% sure) but around that time

Aye, it's 1400 to 1800 UTC
It's a slow one, that's for sure. I've been going all afternoon........53.3%! It's also a hefty download Sad
That is a hefty file and I am running at 25+ MB on my internet.
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