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Full Version: Admiral's Airlock Art Contest
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Calling all artists!

As you may know our brave leader (me) is an evil man. I love taking people who break the rules and shoving them out of the airlock. We're looking for someone to give us an original rendering of what this airlock would look like.

What do you have to do to enter? You have one month to come up with a piece of art that depicts this airlock. The only piece of description you get is from @nyxadrill who said "I've seen that airlock....the paint around it is all scratched from desperately clawing fingernails."

Once you have something you're happy with, post it in this thread. When the contest is over the Admiralty will review it and choose the winners. Losers go out the airlock Big Grin

Anyone from the fleet may enter. Contest ends June 23nd. Good luck and have fun!

1st place: Benthen Assault Cruiser

2nd place: Space Trait: Volatile Plating

3rd place: 20 Contraband
I wish I could help, but I'm afraid my artistic skills are rather...abysmal.  I study music in college but I'm afraid that's the extent of my artistic capabilities.  
I will gladly help out in the future should any music-related competition be devised. Big Grin
Here's my entry sorry its on its side. @aaaict Smile