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Full Version: Voice Commands
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Has anyone tried using voice commands in STO? I've seen a few videos about it, most recently this one and was wondering if anyone could share first hand experience.

It looks really fun to do, but I wonder how helpful it would be in high combat situations. It would allow you to focus your attention on your stats (shield, hull, power) and piloting while simply issuing voice commands instead of having to remember keybinds, but reaction time might be slower than clicking a button on your keyboard.
(06-28-2016, 08:34 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not sure why I haven't run across this post before, but I was telling my wife what she thought about me using voice commands while playing STO after she goes to bed, and you are all lucky I can not post the look she gave me.
If it's anything like the look my girlfriend gives me when I tell her I'm dancing with online friends on Risa...I can probably relate LOL.

I tried voice commands didn't work out so well.  I actually found it much quicker to physically execute my keybinds than to attempt to verbally pilot my starship.  Way-the-hell back in the day before DR I tried doing an ISE using purely voice commands and it was a complete disaster.  There were times I had to repeat a command 2 or 3 times for it to activate but by then it was too late and I traveled right into an exploding cube, lol.  At that point even "point-and-click" activation of abilities would have been much quicker. Big Grin