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Full Version: 56k Escort Build
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Well I finally got around to using the skill planner and making my build. This build got me 56k in an ISA without the T3 research lab boost active. I am sure it can be better but I am totally happy with it and outside of finishing the upgrade to my Aft weapons I have no plans to change anything. If you have question as to why i have certain things feel free to leave a reply.

Here is the Parse from SCM. notice names of other people has been changed to protect the innocent:

SCM - Infected [LR] (S) - [03:45] DMG(DPS) -
@kenthend: 12.69M(56.79K)
@where'smycar: 8.69M(39.39K)
@Bacon: 8.01M(36.80K)
@Casper: 4.34M(19.54K)
@Dynamite: 2.16M(11.78K)

56k Escort Build


Congratulations on breaking the 50k Barrier. I got a couple of questions:

  1. the weekly Combat Boost aside, how often did you use or have benefited from the Radiant Subatomic Pulse?
    You obviously unlocked Focus Frenzy, but what other Ultimate did you unlock after that?
    Also you have one Skill point left. What would be the second unlock after Focused Frenzy?
    Why the Innocuos Trait. It says it slightly increases CritD, so why not take something else like Projectile Training?
lol thanks for pointing out i missed a point. i fixed that as well made sure my unlocks saved. As for the Rad pulse, i use it at the start of isa and then on gateway.will have to double check tomorrow but i believe its a 2 min cd