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Full Version: Assault Cruiser in Dire Staights
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I have a neglected fed engineer with an assault cruiser. It takes forever raised to the power of forever to kill things, and likes to blow up just for fun it seems.

I am at a loss how to go about resurrecting this toon and ship. I have 135,000 fleet credits, 16,000 dilthium and a few million EC. If I didn't have rank 5 with all the reputations except iconians and terrans I'd seriously think about restarting.

Here is the the build:
Assault Cruiser

If anyone has any ideas on to begin to turn this thing around I'd appreciate it.

Whilst I'm no expert on these matters, ans someone else my well come along and tell you everything i've said is bollocks here's what I'd personally change/do differently - 

You're filled out with Rare bog-standard plasma [Is the Romulan Plasma array a normal one or is it meant to be the rep one?], I'd either swap them out for VR Fleet or Romulan Rep arrays, assuming you want to stick with plasma. a Plasma Omni array probably wouldn't go amiss in one of the aft slots either.

Get at least 3 bits of the Iconian rep set [Def/Shield/Engines] if you can, or one of the later story sets [the set from 'midnight' is supposed to be quite decent]. and pair it with either a fleet core [i'd need to double check which one] or the Iconian rep core for the full set. IIRC the Nukara Def/Shield + Romulan Engines combo is still a decent combo too if you already have those.

ENG slots - replace the RC with the R+D version, with either the +Turn or +EPS [or whatever it's called now, the one that boosts power transfer rates] if you can, if not the regular one is fine. Replace the Neutroniums with some universals, Assimilated Module/Zero-point console [though if you're running it and the romulan rep beam, might wanna toss the rep torp in somewhere for the 'hull melt' ability... or not], the console from the kobali samsar too if you have it, if not then something like the bio-neural gel pack.

SCI Slots - now, there's a couple of ways you could go here. Either shove some of the threat-reducing fleet console [or threat increasing if you want to be a bullet magnet], or shove some the above universals in here and put some EPS transfer consoles in the now-vacant ENG slots.

TAC Slots - Vulnerability locators, +Beam [it gives you more flexibility on damage type and from what i gather the damage difference between these and picking ones for a dedicated energy type are minimal].

I would link a planner build but it borked out on me. But here's what i'd go for boff wise - 

TAC - Tactical Team 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1
TAC - Beam: Fire at Will
ENG - Eng Team 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, Directed Energy Modulation 2
ENG - Eng Team 1, Emergency Arrow Shields 2, Emergency Arrow Weapons 3, Aux Arrow SIF 3
SCI - Sci Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2
Thank you for the ideas and advice. Smile

Well my plan is to move into the the fleet dreadnaught, and switch to phasers so I can support the spinal lance dmg and my primary weapon dmg at the same time (and have the orange beam. See nostalgia below)

My problem is I cannibalized this toon, I traded all his dilithium to my other toons thinking I already had a KDF engineer so I wouldn't really play him and now I find myself feeling nostalgic and wanting to fly the 1701-D or something that looks like it.