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Full Version: WFP?
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Ok this has came up a couple of times in the last few days so I thought I would provide some clarification on the issue.

When in a private match you may sometimes see: "WFP, go on my GO."

This means Wait for pets, don't move until the run leader says GO.

Now you may be thinking 'Why?" Well its because some ships have hangers and in order for those players to get a true DPS run to see where they are they need to launch their full compliment of pets before combat starts. With the new skill tree there are TAC skills that directly reflect hanger pets.

If your in a fleet run and you don't WFP some people may get a little upset with ya. If your in a run from one of the DPS channel, people will just leave.

One last thing, anytime you see something in chat, be it in team/match or STO A and you don't know what it means, please ask
Another quick note. 

If you are invited to a fleet run / private match and minimize that big team window that pops up, you WILL miss important information about the run, such as a WFP request.
To second this, even if someone does not call out WFP, don't start the mission, especially if its ISA (Infected Space Advanced) until the leader of the mission (usually the creator) has given the GO signal. I usually give a countdown saying "GO in 3" and then people start to move towards the cube. In addition to this, its good practice to get everyone to "R" in chat before the start of the mission in the mission map to make sure everyone is ready. 

Aside it from being rather annoying when someone goes straight ahead, and it can screw up with the DPS parsers, other people's DPS as well as sometimes the outcome of the mission. SO lesson is please wait until everyone is ready until starting and the mission leader has given the GO.
^Yep, it's always a good idea to wait for pets and wait for the host's go in private ISA runs. In the DPS channels its part of the rules but, IMO, it's a good procedure to observe in fleet runs too.

Once ready to engage, the 4 players type "r" in chat, and the host give a "go in 3".

Those that have pets also need to make sure that they launch them in "recall mode" to avoid having them engage prior to the host's go (personaly I would recommend releasing them at the left transformer).

This not only ensures the "optimal" fighting conditions, but also avoids having someone being unable to upload a personal record because they weren't fast enough to join the fight at start (SCM requires you to be present for 95% of the combat time for parses to upload).

For private runs it's just a small courtesy that doesn't hurt anyone IMO.