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Full Version: Preparing for STFs/higher-end content
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So I have been working the past few weeks on grinding reputation and getting to the point where I feel like I can at least somewhat contribute in things like STFs or any sort of higher-end queue PvE content.  I've never done it despite playing STO off and on for years and having gotten characters up into the 50s several times and being level 60 on this most current iteration of Jon Harmon.

Problem is, I'm not quite sure what to do next.  I have some build items that I'm working on (I want to get the Assimilated Deflector to complete the Assimilated set from Omega, which requires BNPs, which require running STFs at Advanced+), am grinding up my R&D levels for tech upgrades, and am busily DOFFing and Admiralty-ing my Bussard collectors off.  But never having done an STF before or really, any of the queued group content like Starbase 24 in several years, I don't know what to expect.  I don't know if my current T6 Operations Star Cruiser build (linked below) is going to work at that level or not, I don't know what I need to know as a player to be effective in group content, anything like that.  The only "group" content I've done extensively is stuff like the Borg and Tholian Red Alerts that aren't really group content, they're just individuals hacking away at big ships.

So if anyone has any advice--whether I should even bother trying STFs/queues at this point for space or ground, which ones I should do/avoid, etc.--I'll gladly take it.  And if you do end up in a group with me, please be tolerant because I'll have no clue what I'm doing at first.  And maybe at second and third too.  Thanks. Smile

This is my build link with everything except skills, because I'll have to fill those in after 11.5 drops:
Hey Moose,

Don't worry at all, I was in your position about a year ago when I joined STOA, but you've come to the right place. STOA's mission to help STO players, old and new. You should definitely do STF ques. They are the basis for a lot of endgame content, and some are the hardest content in game. Not only can they be very fun, but doing them with the fleet is what makes it exciting for me to play. 

Definitely for a newbie to do: ISA- Infected: The Conduit Advanced. The most commonly run que, basis for DPS parsing and the damage channels and definitely one to do and master. 
Then go on to do some of the other advanced ques, such as the Borg Stfs like Khitomer Space and Cure Space, as well as others including Azura Nebula and Borg Disconnected. 

Ones to do in the future once you've got yourself a nice build are DRSE, BOTSE and NTTE (see my guides in the walkthrough page in the top bar on the STOA website) as well as Assaulting the Spire and others

Ones to avoid right now are Into the Hive, Gateway to Grethor Elite and Hive Onslaught.

Wish you the bet of luck- btw i personally would avoid the assimilated set- there are far better one's out there such as the Iconian set, which is the best for damage atm, although i use AMACO.  Try to get yourself the assimilated module, the kinetic cutting beam and the zero point energy conduit.