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Full Version: Just Starting...were to look?
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Hi All. Is my 1st day on STO and started the tutorial as federation cadet and now just looking at trying to stop a BORG infestation. I have been reading some bits and pieces but there doesn't seen to be a beginners guide at all.....or am I missing something on the Guide site or on the STO site it's self?

Please help as it's just been a bit of touch and go at the moment...any help would be fantastic...I'm up against the Borg (Eeeek) and I defeated all 5 of their ships, but then was just destroyed? Not too sure why or how?

Please help.
Well an official beginners guides we have not. We do however have walk through's  for episodes. I have run the tutorial a couple of times on all 3 factions and that should get ya going. If your having issues or any other questions that the tutorial doesn't cover there are a few things you can do.

1. Post a question in our forum
2. Use the search function of our forums. Put keywords in the search area is the best way
3. Probably the most important thing you can do is to join our fleet and get into our chat. That way if you had a question you could just ask in our helpful and friendly chat. To join our fleet just click the link below and fill in the info and we will get ya Big Grin

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