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Full Version: First Contact Giveaways
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Now until Apr 6th, we are getting FREE stuff from STO. Make sure to claim yours from the C-Store--ArrowPromotions Tab

Click link below for additional details.

STO Giveaways
Already got mine yay! Smile
I like free stuff.


Doff's description on PWE site says he boosts damage on the ground but in game it says space and ground, not sure which one is right.


Just got a response from someone on Twitter called SFC3 saying it's both but I have no idea who that is so I don't know if it's true.  If it is both it'll be huge for ISA runs, you'll be able to equip this Doff on ground and still use the 5 or 6 you normally use.

So I got this box today from the c-store as per the giveaway. I clicked on it from my inventory and didn't realize my doffs were all full up, so it put it in my overflow bag. I went to my doff roster but didn't see a list of my doffs so I logged all the way out of the game and back in.

I was then able to see a list of my doffs, I dismissed one to make room for the new doff. I went to my inventory and my overflow bag button was gone. I reclaimed the [Promotional Duty Officer - Borg Warfare Specialist] but when I clicked on it I got this message:

[Inventory] You may only have one of a unique item.

I double checked my duty officer roster but I did not have the promo doff there. I claimed a Yellowstone runabout and got my overflow button back. When I clicked on it just the Yellowstone pet was in there NOT the doff.

It seems to be missing and for some reason the game thinks I have it.