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Full Version: Xindi-Insectoid Olaen Heavy Escort Carrier
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Hey all,
Just wondering is anyone has this? I was trolling the wiki and on paper this looks like the ship I want most. A fast escort with a hanger. It was on the exchange for 125 mil, so I have quite a while to go before I could think of getting one, but still. Any thoughts?
I have it. It isn't a bad ship by any means although the trait is meh and the seating if I recall was not to my liking. Between that and the Fed Heavy Escort Carrier T6 I find myself flying the Fed ship much more frequently.
Well that sux. The trait sounded so cool. Plus the love that is coming in 11.5.
The trait is actually not that great; there are better options that are more effective in all scenarios, not just when your pets are up and nearby.