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Full Version: 2nd qualification for the Dilithium Citation of Enrichment
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I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Militia Vice Admiral (@kenthend) for being the second Fleet member in STOA history to qualify for the STO Academy Dilithium Citation of Enrichment by having contributed ressources worth more than 50 million Fleet credits to Fleet Holdings across all STOA fleets.

That alone is quite a feat, but Tim did it in the record time of less than 14 months, which even included a small hiatus. Can you believe that? His daily contribution average is at an astonishing 118437 Fleet credits. Okay, he used 14 Characters to accomplish that goal, but don't you dare hold that against him (because I used a total of 18, although only 4 of those survived). Now don't think that Tim is bathing in so much Fleet credits. Like most of the major contributors, he "sacrificed" millions of Fleet credits to buy DOFFs for the many projects that required them. By doing so, he ensured the progress of countless projects among our Fleet Holdings.

Tim, I believe I speak for everyone here, when I say "thank you very much". Without you, our Fleets in general and Omega in particular wouldn't be, where they are today. Well done, my friend.

Now just for the fun of it, I present to you a small statistic sorted by the Fleet Holding Commendations:

Mind the averages per account before you boast about your contributions next time. Just kidding.  Big Grin
Of course every little bit helps, so keep it coming.

Live Long and Prosper
Thank you, i really donate because that's what i like to do. I was in a breech the other day and saw someone from my old fleet in there. This person wasn't in the fleet when I was. As I was my usual self in a PUG i had said something in team chat. The person saw my @Handel and told me "Wow, are Fleet Spire has the same name as you". I told him "Look at your leader board and you will see why, lol"

Anyway the point is, if you like to donate its pretty easy. By spending a couple of thousand of FC on doffs every now and then will make get you the citations pretty quick.

LOL and TP now to come after the number 1 spot Big Grin


(03-18-2016, 03:47 PM)Kenthend Wrote: [ -> ]LOL and TP now to come after the number 1 spot Big Grin
Good. Those who have no ambitions are just too lazy to die. Wink
Congrats- on a promotion well deserved- as shown by this and being a great person on fleet chat. Smile