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For the lobi stor are the grand and crystal a one time deal or do you always have it and I have 5 lobi what should I use it on?
(I could be terribly misinformed on this ... but I think ...)
The lobi crystals are one time uses. If you have five, and then you buy something that requires five, you will no longer have those five. Choose Wisely. Wink
Hope this helps!
I wasn't quite sure what you meant by grand and crystal in the Lobi store, so I can't answer that part specifically other than to say that the item description will tell you if the item is consumed on use (like shield boosts etc) or permanent.

5 Lobi crystals doesn't get much, unless you're interested in either extra winter items or are a few short on Q's cards for the Breen ship. If you play through all the Featured Episode reruns right now though you can get up to 20 Lobi, as each mission has a hidden one.