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Looks great.
Make sure to visit so you can keep your signature up-to-date with your commendations !!
How does one get the ribbons and medals?
The site I linked is where I started. Each ribbon/medal has a brief explanation of requirements. For example, LCARS Trainee requires at least 50 posts in the forum. Several commendations require game play with one or more fleet members.

I'm far from an expert on this and learning myself.
Hope this helped you out !!
so how do I know how many post I have done
 and I invited a friend to the fleet how do I get them started


The fleet website ( answers all those questions. For more details on the commendations, see the opening post of the Fleet Commendation Application Thread.
Just a note to everyone- the commendations have been designed so that it does take a substantive amount of teamwork, dedication and commitment in game and in the forums, so please don't try to find ways around the tasks required- they negates the whole purpose of them and it will be picked up upon. 

Another thing, I would always like people to join in on fleet runs, but do it for the experience, the fun and the challenge, not to explicitly get the commendations- there meant to reward people who show dedication, teamwork and make the fleet a better place, and set goals to aspire to.
Not sure how one could 'get around' the requirements for a commendation. Unless you mean making multiple post to 'gain' extra posting numbers. Believe me the Admiralty does notice this and do take steps to address it. If some one has a valid question by all means make a post, if your post was answered but your still not sure, please ask for clarification. What we dont want to see is double postings in different areas of the forums.

As for fleet runs, It doesn't matter 'why' someone joins. Everyone plays the game for their own reasons. I have seen fleet runs set up for the explicit reason to get a 'check' mark for the CooC
Nope I want to do it the right way no cheating here just hate the time restrictions if you get stuff done early to make rank wish you could go ahead and apply for that promotion
OK this post is getting to the point that it has nothing to do with the OP(Original Post), so no further reply's are needed here unless its in regard to the OP. And the OP has been taken care of. This is not the thread to discuss our promotion requirements. If any one would like clarification as to why they are what they are feel free to msg me in a PM and I will gladly explain them to ya
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