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Full Version: KDF- Easy Dil
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So with the admiralty system in place you may be finding yourself with a lot of prisoners. For KDF there are 2 types of DOFF assignments that you can do to turn those prisoners into dil.

1. Consign Prisoners to Colonial Labor Battalion: Turn them in to the security officer on Qo'Nos. This will net you 1000 dil for 10 prisoners. This mission has a base success rate of 69%. This changes a little based on the traits of the prisoners used.

2. Forced Labor Requisition for 'system': Can be found in 2 places, 1) current map under Military, 2) Departments Heads-Arrow Tactical. These mission will net you 500 dil for 4 prisoners. These missions have a base success rate of 87%.  I have found them primarily under the second option. For the second option you may have travel from sector to sector depending on how many prisoners you have. When looking for these travel in the 3 left most columns on the map. I have gotten as many as 5 of these in on go.

A couple of notes:
If you use common prisoners you will lose them.
I don't know if this is working as intended or a bug but I have been using Rare/VR prisoners on the Forced labor doffs and have not lost them so its been a reusable source of dil for me.
I was doing a massive toon hopping tonight in my "Return From the Dark Ages Extravaganza". All my KDF (my primary focus) have full brigs with prisoners flocking to board my ships to travel to their doom. Some even have full tent cities full of colonists! I can't wait to see what the Admiralty System generates. lol

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This is really useful!

Thanks Kenthend!

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