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Full Version: Terran Task Force items / Universal Kit Modules
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Hi Boss,

sorry to bother you with this, but
  • Terran Task Force Set items seem to be missing completely
    • Ground:
      • Terran Task Force Bat'leth
      • Terran Task Force Combat Armor
      • Terran Task Force High-Density Beam Rifle
      • Terran Task Force Personal Shield
      • Assault Kit Module - Micro-Torpedo Launcher
      • Mechanic Kit Module - Override Shield Safeties
      • Medic Kit Module - Metaphasic Rejuvenation
    • Space (Weapons/Console Set):
      • Ferrofluid Hydraulic Assembly
      • Terran Task Forcer Disruptor Beam Array
      • Terran Task Forcer Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons
      • Terran Task Force Photon Torpedo Launcher
    • Space (Ship Set):
      • Space (Weapons/Console Set):
      • Terran Task Force Deflector Array
      • Terran Task Force Impulse Engines
      • Terran Task Force Singularity Core
      • Terran Task Force Warp Core
      • Terran Task Force Covariant Shield Array
  • Personal Traits missing
    • Self-Modulating Fire (Space)
  • Errors in Kit Modules:
    • Kit Modules in wrong places
      • Plasma Feedback Cascade in Engineering (probably also in Tactical and Science), should be in a Universal subcategory
      • all Command Modules are double listed in Intelligence Kit Modules
    • Universal Kit Modules missing (that I know of)
      • Elachi Kit Module - Subspace Rift
      • Universal Kit Module - Chroniton Jolt
      • Universal Kit Module - Jam Subspace Transmissions
      • Universal Kit Module - Crystalline Spike
      • Universal Kit Module - Overcharge Turret
      • Universal Kit Module - Mass Gravimetric Detonation
      • Universal Kit Module - Gravimetric Traps
      • Universal Kit Module - Solar Gateway

Settings were set on a Romulan-KDF Engineering Fleet Admiral, when these items could not be found.
This should be ready today.