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Full Version: Free Superior Upgrades and TR-116 Rifles
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Hi all, 

I'm also going to go after the Supply Officer Commendation and so I'll be offering a maximum of 3 free superior upgrades!

Also, as a special offer, the first to reply (having met the criteria) will also receive an additional experimental upgrade!
Second and third place may receive any additional upgrades crafted if it's a critical success. 

Finally, any current or potentially interested members of the Elite Ground Squad can request a free TR-116B rifle! 
(for future members the condition is a tryout on IGA/CGA/GPVP) 

Criteria for free stuff: 1) Must not be a senior  fleet officer (i.e. above Sub-Admiral).
                               2) Must be registered on the STOA fleet private chat channel
                                3) Must put your @handel on your post.
                             4) Send me an email to confirm your claim.