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Full Version: Daniels- Temporal Cold War arriving in STO?
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Hi all,

Just saw this on the STO website

It looks like Daniels is going to make an appearance on STO. Whether that's a good thing I'm not sure, but I know a lot of people including me speculated it would be Daniels  amid howls of disapproval, who would turn out to be "the mysterious traveller in Season 11" and it looks like they were right! It might be interesting to see who was the mysterious 28th century benefactor of the Suliban that was never shown fully due to Enterprise being cancelled, and to see if 2410 marks the start of the temporal cold war, especially now that the Mirror Universe have their own mega timeship dreadnoughts. 

Let me know what you think. 


It looks like one way or another, the Temporal Cold War will peak our interest. Leaks have already revealed that there will be Na'kuhl (aka Alien Vampire Nazis) NPCs around. At this point, that is pure speculation of course, but that and the mentioning of Daniels sure points in that direction.