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Full Version: Tips for the Admiralty System
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Hello everyone,

if you have nice tips and tricks regading the Admiralty system, then please post them in this thread.


I'll start. If you are playing a RRF character, then you might find the combination of Mirror Ha'apax, Mirror Ha'feh and Mirror Ha'nom useful. Although this combo has a maintenance period of 12h, it is nice for assignments that need around 100 ENG, 100 TAC and 100 SCI as it partially ignores +ENG, +TAC and +SCI from Events.
Don't forget to reclaim all your C-Store ships, and make sure to open the Admiralty window before you dismiss any ship to ensure you've got the card for it. 

Don't send more ships than you need on a mission to exceed the goal points required; the crit bonuses are nonexistant. 
Saw this in chat today thought it would be good

Master List of ships
What does this really do for our charactors?What is the point?


(11-02-2015, 12:01 AM)Age01 Wrote: [ -> ]What does this really do for our charactors?What is the point?

From what I've seen so far it's just another grind.  I was hoping this would be the thing that drew me back into the game but I still don't play much.